Utah Decided


Politicians are attacking your vote.

In a historic move, over half a million Utahns joined together to vote for a full Medicaid Expansion. Now, politicians in the state capitol are threatening the healthcare of thousands of low income Utahns.

Over 53%

Full Medicaid Expansion was the most voted for ballot proposition, gaining over 53% of the vote. But this isn’t good enough for politicians who would rather keep Utahns from the healthcare they need.

utah decided: no cuts, no caps, no repeal.

Any delay, cuts, caps or repeal of full Medicaid Expansion is a repeal of the voters will. Utahns decided. It’s now the responsibility of politicians to recognize our decision.

Protect your vote, protect your community

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Help us protect our healthcare


Full Medicaid Expansion Promotes Work

Medicaid is an essential work supports insurance program. People cannot work if they are not healthy. Medicaid expansion will help thousands of hard-working, low-wage Utahns get the health coverage they need to improve their lives. Once Medicaid expansion goes into effect, we will no longer have a public health insurance system that disincentives work or creates a cliff effect for individuals and parents.

Full Medicaid Expansion is Fiscally Responsible

Utah voters approved a small sales tax on non-food items to fund Medicaid expansion. Numerous reports and analyses confirm, this tax increase provides enough funding to implement Medicaid expansion immediately. By expanding Medicaid, Utah will bring home federal dollars that have been set aside for our state. Any concerns or questions about the long-term state costs can be addressed and resolved without delaying implementation or fundamentally changing the law.